Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Telescope Page Created August 13, 2008

Telescope Page Original was Created 8/13/2008

this is my Telescope Page. I created the original one for my aunts scrapbook in August 13, 2008, for her 80th birday. This a 2 sided LO as you can tell they fold up inside each other, but when you pull on the bottom you have a 3 page LO on one side and 3 pg LO on the second side, to decorate and embellish anyway you want. Although this is an original design, I want to share with you how easy it really is to make it. All you need is some chipboard, eyelets and paper and you can make the same design. As it says on the side, any of my designs may be used for Personal Use Only. The following will be step by Step instructions to who ever want to know how to make their own Telescope Page.

Telescope Page Design

8x8 square cut 2

T top 8 long 1 1/2 inch bottom
of T is 6" long 6" wide cut 2

T should be 6" long 1" wide
Bottom of T is 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 cut 2

Cover both sides with favorite paper
using a paper glue like "YES" it will
not warp your chipboard.

After covering all parts and allowing good drying time
24 hours before going any futher.

On the last T page put 2 eyelets in and put your
pull ribbon in.

Connecting your Telescope Page. Lay the T with the
Ribbon at the bottom and the T into next T page.
Using Eyelets Secure underneath the T on both sides.
This will allow your page to slide up inside.
Take an eyelet on either side of the top T and secure it
so the bottom T cannot go past the top of 2nd T.

Repeat the process only in your 8x8 page.
You bottom page should be slid up inside of the middle
T now push both into the 8x8 page and Secure with
6 eyelets at the top spaced evenly.

suggestions when putting pictures on the pages, use
Bumpers around your picture, either gems or Brads that
have some height, because this is a slide page, your pictures
if they are not protected will get scratched.

This was designed to be used in a Word book, if you are
wanting to use it in a scrapbook you will need to change
your dimensions of your top page to be an 1" shorter than
your page protector, because you will have to slice one side
of your page protector to get it in, and then you can use a
brad or an eyelet to seal it back together at the top corner.

Hope you have fun with this design by Jeri