Sunday, September 26, 2010

My life today

My life today, I decided to adopt a new attitude.  I was reading on the internet and found this poem.  It is fits me so well.  Life happens all the time good, bad, negative.  How easy we forget who we want to be.  this poem help me to remember who I really am

by Countess of Monte Cristo

I'm strong, smart and sassy,
I got attitude but i keep it classy.
I am modest and i keep it humble,
But if you hurt me you will stumble.

I'm a hopeless romantic but i keep it real,
Because some people have a heart of steel.
I can daydream all the time,
But i know there's mountains i gotta climb.

I smile when I'm hurt and i laugh out loud,
I love to stand out from the crowd.
I walk with attitude though I'm full of fear,
But strong is what i have to appear.

Because there's a mighty lot of enemies,
Who'd love to see me fall.
But i stood up after i got smacked down,
When they expected me to crawl.

Oh no, I will raise my head up high
Because being strong doesn't mean i shouldn't cry.
I know i deserve the best,
So stupid haters, why don't you give it a rest?

I know I'm strong, smart and sassy,
I got attitude and i keep it classy.
I am modest and i keep it humble,
But if you hurt me you will stumble.

* If you even dream of beating me up, you'd better wake up and apologize. - Muhammad Ali

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September 20, 2010 Ode To Mandy

Today was another sad day in our lives.  11 years ago, I brought a puppy home that actully got lose and took and hour to get her to come into the house.  She was named Mandy, by Megan.  Mandy was born Dec 25, 1997.  The cousin to Beethoven.  She was a very teritorial animal, but also very independent.  She ask for little but gave her all. 

Mandy came to me an Rick on Saturday September 17, 2010 and in a very odd action from her, she wanted to be petted an would not be ignored.  How were we to know at the time She was saying goodbye in her own special way.

Monday night Mandy had a stroke and also had cancer.  The choice was not difficult as she was completely disoreniented.  We took Mandy to the vet and now she rest in the house of the lord.  At peace, now and forever.
I know everyone thinks of our friends and family every day, but the one who accepts us, love's us unconditionally is our pets. Mandy has left our lives but not my heart.

If only I could be more like her, I have always thought.
Mandy's outlook on life.

Get up in the morning,

Go outside and take lesiure walk around see the wonders of her yard

Go inside find food and eat, take her time, if there was a treat she would covet it.

When it snowed this was her favorite play time to go and make Mandy angels in the snow.

Say her name and she was right there for me, whenever I needed to have companionship, fun, or a good cry. She always understood and patiently waited until whatever emotion I was feeling was done, and then would go and find her favorite place on her blanket.

When I would come home she was always excited to see me, no matter how long I had been gone.

Simple things made her happy, it makes me want to keep in mind during this time of caos in our challenged world to remember all the wonderful gifts we have, every day in our life.

Never take for granted the blessing that life gives us and be enthuastic about the simple things that are around us.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Living Memory Beethoven Our Beloved Pet.

I brought this little puppy home 15 years ago.  He was multicolored white, brown and tan.  He was fluffy and cuddly.  We decided to name him Beethoven after the popular movie about a St Benard.  He was not a St Benard, but he grew to about 3" tall and became a very good family pet.  In the past 10 years he had attached himself to my husband. If Rick was outside there was Beethoven.  If Rick was asleep Beethoven was usually found laying on his back right beside him. 

Anyone who came over always attached themsleves to Beethoven, he was just that kind of dog, you always wanted to reach down and pat his head.  If he could have talked, he probably would have said "Give me a break quit petting my head and scratch my neck".  When he wanted his backside scratched, he would come up to your hand if it was down at his level and he would move his behind back and forth to be able to scratch the itch. LOL

He loved the Females.  If there was a female in site they ended up carring his puppies.  No fence or window could keep him back.  I still have to pick up broken glass I find where he went through an upstairs window to get to our other dog Sarah to be able to get to her.  The neighbors will never forgive him for getting to their dog through a chain link fence.  He would make some really beautiful puppies, of course they all did not look like him, but he made his share.

Not only did he like to make the puppies, he loved them in so many other ways.  If one of the Girls Mandy or Sarah were hurt or needed any kind of help Like Sarah and Mandy would fight, well Mandy always got the worst of the bargain, but there was Beethoven there to come to the rescue.

I remember one time coming home, and Beethoven was crying and shaking.  Not knowing what was wrong I asked him to show me.  He looked an me and turned and went down stairs, where he immediately went to Mandy and laid his head down on her and kept crying and shaking.  I proceeded over to Mandy to find that she was in pretty bad shape, her and Sarah had been fighting, and Beethoven could not rouse Mandy.  I finally got things under control and told him to stop worrying I was here and would take over.  He laid his head down and went to sleep. 

Beethoven was not a normal dog, I do believe he thought he was human, and maybe he was part human.  He love to ride in the car.  He was not your normal dog who just laid down in the seat and rode, no he would set up in the seat like a human, and if you drove up beside the car, you would be looking into the eyes of Beethoven.  He would turn and look at you as if to say "What are you doing in that car" LOL.  People who drove up beside us would look and then taken a double take, like that is not a person, that is a dog.  You would see them tap the shoulder of other people in the car so they could see Beethoven and you would see them all laugh.

Beethoven took his last car ride at 12:00pm July 3, 2010.  He had wanted outside and I let him out at 9:30 and about 11:00 I let the other 2 dogs in but not Beethoven, this was not uncommon because by now his hearing had gone and it took him a little bit longer to get up the stairs. 

Rick came home and of course he asked where was Beethoven, I said he was still outside and there he was in the middle of the backyard.  Rick said that is not like him and went down the stairs of the deck, when he reached him, Rick said OMG.  Beethoven had a massive heart attack and had dropped to the ground yet he was still breathing.  Rick picked him up and brought him into the house, but Beethovens eyes showed he was not there.  His breathing was labored and Rick just set there and held him.  We called the vet, as we could not let him suffer.

Rick carried Beethoven out to the car, and got in and I drove..  For one lucid moment Beethoven looked up at me and tried to raise his head, as he knew he was in the car and going bye bye, which he loved so much.  He started seizing shortly after that and then the light had gone from his eyes. 

We proceeded to the Vet and I got out of the car and went over to open the door and picked up Beethoven and took him in and laid him on the table.  Rick could not come in the room.  We had the vet to check him for sure and he was gone.

I believe there is a heaven for animals, and now he is with so many of our other pets we have lost over the years.  It never ceases to amaze me how attached we become to these furry creatures.  They are loyal to a fault.  They are like little children, that never grow up.  As much as I have loved my animals, I have made the decision that once Mandy and Sarah are gone there will not be anymore pets. 

This is a special post for all the dog lovers out there, take lots and lots of pictures of your pets, they truly are a part of your family.

To Beethoven, You were a very good friend and you will always be remembered.  There will not be a day that goes by that we will not think of you, may you be playing in fields running and exploring forever and ever.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blog Hopper is back at it again

I found this on this site, okay you punchers here is a new concept

Blog Hopper is back at it again  I found a new blog site with guess what more scrapping and stamping people.  Well and other sites to I will be posting more for you all to go and look at.   

Well today is my day off and I am going to clean the scrapbook room.  Okay I am going exploring the Scrapbook room.  I have lost something and its here I know its here so I need to find it.  So while I am looking for it I am gonna put all of those things that I have had out back in their home.  That is the plan.  You all know you have to have a plan right.  LOL 

Ohh yeah I have to brag.... I got a new Cricket Cartridge, Lets see belated Mother's day gift to Me.  Just Because Cards.  Whoo Hoo. 

Megan and Zach are flying into KC today, I am hoping to get to spend a little time with them, they do have a busy schedule, but I am hoping for an hour. 

Okay Self get back to work.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tim Holtz Paper Roses with your Cricut

To all my cricut buddies found this on  How to without having to buy more stuff for your craft room.  LOL  those who know me know I do not need anymore things in my room.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to all

All my goals have been put to rest.  I have gotten a bad sinusit infection, Dr. put me on all kinds of meds and all I want to do is sleep.  Sleep is good, but when you sleep so much your body hurts everytime you get up, then you wonder if the sleep is what you should do.  LOL  any way this weekend is mothers day.  I hope that everyone takes the time to give your mother a special something to show her how much you love her.

Yes I am a mother, and I am not expecting anything from my child.  At this time she is forging a new life with her new fiance, so the look is otherwise clouded, but I am still proud to be a mother. 

Sunday, May 2, 2010

National Scrapbook Day

Okay so my list of things to do went down with the ship.  I will try again, sounds like a true scrapbooker and stamper, we do not give up.  Our city has Tidy Town once a year, and I so look forward to that its a time I can go thru my house and get rid of the broken and old stuff.  No my DH is still in the house. LOL.  Anyway so for the 3 days I was supposed to be doing my list, I did kind of do my list.
Wed, Thur, & Fri I found stuff, I cleared out stuff, I walked, I did stair master, I worked So Self you didn't get to far off track. Saturday I walked, Man I did not do any laundry,  I had fun though look at the picture of the make-in-take I did Yessss.

We have this really neat store its called The Scrapbook Page, I got out for a little while yesterday and this was one of the projects that  Carol G. taught.  Her booth was one of three that I worked at.  I wanted to share this on my blog, if you wish to learn more or see more you can visit  or you can go to and see many more of their designs.  No I don't work there LOL.

I do want to talk about the bird and the cage.  This is a Tim Holtz design, well now when did Mr Tim get into the die cut world??? He went from Ink, to nuts and bolts from the hardware store, to Ink to die cuts, I have to say Tim you are moving right along.  What will we see next from this young man.
Well I hope everyone had a wonderful National Scrapbook Day, ohh what am I saying, everyday is National Scrapbook day its like Christmas all year long.
Okay That is all I have to say about That.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Saturday Goal

Self Goals for today
1.  go for a walk
2. Organize Scrapbooks not completed
3. Do Laundry
4. Clean Bedroom
That is enough for today Self

Friday Goal

Okay Self this is Friday, do you take the day off...  No!!
1. Go for a Walk this morning
2. Go to Work

Thurs Goal

Okay Self here is another day New Goal:
1.  All new pictures put into books to scrapbook
2.  Go to Work
Okay Self that is enough for this day

Wed Goal April 28, 2010

Okay so here I go Self your goal for today is:    

1.  Look at your unfinished albums
2.  Go to Work
Self that is enough for one day. 
Good job Self.
I have all my unfinshed albums out and did a little extra, I found the albums not started and got them all in one place.  Whoo Hoo!
Went to work, had a great night  Positive Reinforcement.
Although I have found all the unfinished albums.  The fun part comes tomorrow when I have to find all the pictures. LOL
All in All Self you did get something accomplished.                                                          

Blog Hopper

Are you a Blog Hopper???  How many of you go out on line and read other peoples blogs about your favorite things?  Do you every find that as you are watching or looking at what other people are or have been doing, that you find that you do nothing?   Well that is what I have been doing.  I have been spending so much time looking at other blogs that I have not done anything with my craft.  Okay so this is a new Day...  Litterly its 12:19 a.m. 

Time to give myself goals, what a better place to do that than on a blog.  This is a place I can tell myself what to do and watch my progess so I can say to Self you are going to get this done.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Life and Politics

I am not a politician, but this came to my attention and I felt I should post my opinion on it.
Wishes everyone could sit down with an elderly person that lives on Social Security getting $600 a month - currently responsibe to pay full price $1100 out of pockt for Medication they need to live.

I am not saying heath care reform is perfect & I am not saying it will fix the problems. BUT I'm saying that what we have is broken. We did not get here overnight and it won't be better overnight. But if you can't say thank god their trying obviously this elderly person isn't your family or you would think differently.

America is willand jumps at the cance to DONATE millions to other countries in need BUT WE LET our own Americans suffer!!

As much as I wish to agree with the above statement, I cannot. A little history less. Until the 1900's there was no company funded health care. There was not IRS until the 2nd world war, and it was only established to raise funds from the the wealthy of the the time. It was never supposed to stay in effect, but it did.

After the that War we had the biggest birth rate, the the biggest employment group, and now the biggest retirement group in the history of the USA. The problem now is that those who were Employed and Contributed to the National Economy, are not able to contribute anymore. We have not seen a birth rate of this magnitude since. Yet now that they have retired and rightfully so they Expect to get a return on their investment they made into SS, Medicare, and Medicaid, but there was not enough collected. The average life span of a Man was the age of 68 and Woman was 72. With today's technology we actualy have people living longer than any other time in history. We never imagained or planned for this, so the system does not and cannot work anymore since the variables have changed.

I can comment on this because I am on of the last group of children of the baby boom age. Will there be anything there for me me when I retire, NO. Have I paid into the system YES, more than my parents did.

My grand parents, worked 15 hour days for .25 cents a day with no health care, and when a family member got sick the family took care of that family member. There was a family doctor who did the best they could, but people died. Sad yes but this was the way of life. No specialist, who could keep them living.

The point I am making is Free Capitolism Works. Socialism has never worked. We are moving to a Socialistic Society at the fastest rate every seen in history, WE ARE DOOMED TO FAILURE. We will see it if not in my life time in my childrens life time, another GREAT DEPRESSION get ready, be prepared, It's Gonna Hurt. The days of plenty are over.

The only thing that saved America in the last Depression was everyone working together. That is the only thing that will help in this new one. My biggest fear is that we have become so Spoiled, and believe that someone else must take care of us, that the survial rate will be limited.

Remember that without FAMILY you are nothing. Without FAITH you have no HOPE. Without GOD and his WORD, you cannot have the above. In the End that is all we really have.

We come into this world with the Gift of God and Leave with the Gift of God.

This is just my opinion, you may or may not agree with it, but at least remember that we have one thing that no other nation has.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blog, Blog, Blog LOL. Opening the door to ones life on the internet. Well I am not a famous person, I am just a person, who loves to craft. Guess what neither are those famous people, they are just people like us. Only we make them famous.

So I am going to become a famous person LOL.

New Word for 2010 Stayvacationer's WOW! what a word. When I was growing up not to give my age away but we called that living. People stayed at home and community was what they knew. We cooked, canned, cleaned our homes had home parties and people got together to enjoy life. Family reunions and camping were Vacations.

Okay enough of that from the Scrappin and Stampin Girl too serious.

I have been playing on facebook, with all the other millions of people Wow I have found some pretty cool sites there. Where you must become a Fan of. Does that mean we are back to the Mickey Mouse Fan Club LOL. Here is the site if anyone wants to go and look at it. If you like page kits or are looking for ideas this is the place to go and find them. Again this is on the famous Facebook site.

I am a blog hopper I like to go to different sites to see what other people are doing, and then incorporate their ideas with my own.

Well I am cleaning my scrapbook room for the first time in about six months. It has been so neglected, not because of too much vacation time, because of too much work time. I will be posting more new ideas as I get my room back together. well not completely that would mean I maybe an organized person. As we all know if you are any kind of crafter you are never organized.