Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blog Hopper is back at it again  I found a new blog site with guess what more scrapping and stamping people.  Well and other sites to I will be posting more for you all to go and look at.   

Well today is my day off and I am going to clean the scrapbook room.  Okay I am going exploring the Scrapbook room.  I have lost something and its here I know its here so I need to find it.  So while I am looking for it I am gonna put all of those things that I have had out back in their home.  That is the plan.  You all know you have to have a plan right.  LOL 

Ohh yeah I have to brag.... I got a new Cricket Cartridge, Lets see belated Mother's day gift to Me.  Just Because Cards.  Whoo Hoo. 

Megan and Zach are flying into KC today, I am hoping to get to spend a little time with them, they do have a busy schedule, but I am hoping for an hour. 

Okay Self get back to work.

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