Saturday, April 6, 2013


I read an article sometime back, that said there has not been a new craft created in the past 70 years, just variations of that craft.  How true this is.  I am seeing more and more digital stampin & scrapin.

Where is the fun in that, "I ask you"?

If you cannot get your hands in it why do it? 

Of course this is just my opinion.   I did pick the background for this blog from the choices that were there.  I am using this computer that has Windows 8, which I still have no clue what to do with.  I have to go to my niece and ask "what is a Knook"?  To  my friend who can program to be able to even put this out there.  By the way hello friend!!!  When she see's what I did here she will be telling me that she does not like it, but I would just say back, "Fix it".

You ever notice that a Pocket is still a Pocket no matter what you do with it.  Why do you need a pocket, well as the Late George Carlin would say, "It is a place to put your stuff, and we all have stuff."  Me more than others, its pretty bad when the family comes to my house when they need crafting stuff,  I hate to say I have not been using up.    Yes I have been organizing again.

So with all the above is there a reason for writing this, I think so yes, I am going to start today "With getting my hands in it".

What does that mean, well as with all Goal and Objectives, no matter what you set, nothing happens unless you just get off your backside and DO IT.