Sunday, September 26, 2010

My life today

My life today, I decided to adopt a new attitude.  I was reading on the internet and found this poem.  It is fits me so well.  Life happens all the time good, bad, negative.  How easy we forget who we want to be.  this poem help me to remember who I really am

by Countess of Monte Cristo

I'm strong, smart and sassy,
I got attitude but i keep it classy.
I am modest and i keep it humble,
But if you hurt me you will stumble.

I'm a hopeless romantic but i keep it real,
Because some people have a heart of steel.
I can daydream all the time,
But i know there's mountains i gotta climb.

I smile when I'm hurt and i laugh out loud,
I love to stand out from the crowd.
I walk with attitude though I'm full of fear,
But strong is what i have to appear.

Because there's a mighty lot of enemies,
Who'd love to see me fall.
But i stood up after i got smacked down,
When they expected me to crawl.

Oh no, I will raise my head up high
Because being strong doesn't mean i shouldn't cry.
I know i deserve the best,
So stupid haters, why don't you give it a rest?

I know I'm strong, smart and sassy,
I got attitude and i keep it classy.
I am modest and i keep it humble,
But if you hurt me you will stumble.

* If you even dream of beating me up, you'd better wake up and apologize. - Muhammad Ali

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September 20, 2010 Ode To Mandy

Today was another sad day in our lives.  11 years ago, I brought a puppy home that actully got lose and took and hour to get her to come into the house.  She was named Mandy, by Megan.  Mandy was born Dec 25, 1997.  The cousin to Beethoven.  She was a very teritorial animal, but also very independent.  She ask for little but gave her all. 

Mandy came to me an Rick on Saturday September 17, 2010 and in a very odd action from her, she wanted to be petted an would not be ignored.  How were we to know at the time She was saying goodbye in her own special way.

Monday night Mandy had a stroke and also had cancer.  The choice was not difficult as she was completely disoreniented.  We took Mandy to the vet and now she rest in the house of the lord.  At peace, now and forever.
I know everyone thinks of our friends and family every day, but the one who accepts us, love's us unconditionally is our pets. Mandy has left our lives but not my heart.

If only I could be more like her, I have always thought.
Mandy's outlook on life.

Get up in the morning,

Go outside and take lesiure walk around see the wonders of her yard

Go inside find food and eat, take her time, if there was a treat she would covet it.

When it snowed this was her favorite play time to go and make Mandy angels in the snow.

Say her name and she was right there for me, whenever I needed to have companionship, fun, or a good cry. She always understood and patiently waited until whatever emotion I was feeling was done, and then would go and find her favorite place on her blanket.

When I would come home she was always excited to see me, no matter how long I had been gone.

Simple things made her happy, it makes me want to keep in mind during this time of caos in our challenged world to remember all the wonderful gifts we have, every day in our life.

Never take for granted the blessing that life gives us and be enthuastic about the simple things that are around us.