Saturday, April 6, 2013


I read an article sometime back, that said there has not been a new craft created in the past 70 years, just variations of that craft.  How true this is.  I am seeing more and more digital stampin & scrapin.

Where is the fun in that, "I ask you"?

If you cannot get your hands in it why do it? 

Of course this is just my opinion.   I did pick the background for this blog from the choices that were there.  I am using this computer that has Windows 8, which I still have no clue what to do with.  I have to go to my niece and ask "what is a Knook"?  To  my friend who can program to be able to even put this out there.  By the way hello friend!!!  When she see's what I did here she will be telling me that she does not like it, but I would just say back, "Fix it".

You ever notice that a Pocket is still a Pocket no matter what you do with it.  Why do you need a pocket, well as the Late George Carlin would say, "It is a place to put your stuff, and we all have stuff."  Me more than others, its pretty bad when the family comes to my house when they need crafting stuff,  I hate to say I have not been using up.    Yes I have been organizing again.

So with all the above is there a reason for writing this, I think so yes, I am going to start today "With getting my hands in it".

What does that mean, well as with all Goal and Objectives, no matter what you set, nothing happens unless you just get off your backside and DO IT. 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ode to Sara

Sara and Rick here together being who she is.  We lost our last best friend on December 7, 2012.  Our daughter Megan found this poor little dog 17 years ago.  Rick got out of bed to visit Megan and wake her up when he was actually met by the ferousis dog guarding our daughter in her room.  Shock to say the least, but at that time we knew she was to become part of our family.
Each one of our animals had their own personalities.  Sara would talk to you and come and always show you what she wanted, stand behind the bar down stairs and she would do a little dance to let you know she wanted a treat.  There have been many behind that bar that would love to spoil her with treats, and she was so loveable and insistant taht you could not refuse her.  She had a schedule base on my work hours.  She would be waiting for me to let her outside at night, after I got done for work.  She could not stand to have me and Rick in different rooms.  She wanted us together and would come in the room that both of us were in to try to get one of us to move to the other room.  She lived a long life, and only suffered when she and Mandy would have their altercations due to trying to be the dominate female dog of the house, sad to say she did not win most of the time.  But she was always a loyal friend and each of the dogs would be closest to Rick.
We will miss her, and once again one of the hardest choices to make was to take her to the vet and let them put her to sleep.  At the end she had a seiure and could not make it up the stairs.   The vet was symatheic to her, and advised that her heart was about to give out.  So with this I have requested that we have no more dogs, it will be a challenge as from the very beginning of our lives together, we have always had one in the house.  It has hurt to lose each one, as they become not just a dog, but a close family member.  We are in our late 50's and its time for no more

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Part 1 Do's and Don'ts Plastic Bag Mini Book

I just want you to know this was not my Original Idea, I found a video from Laura, from Following the Paper Trail. I have never done a video as you will see, so it has been a learning curve for me, and as you will view, I still have lots to learn. I thank everyone who has assisted me, in at least getting it posted.

I want to give a disclaimer, that all of the statements are based on my own experience with the project. It in no way is to say that Laura, from Following the Paper Trail, has made a bad project at all. I have the Highest respect for Laura, and her abilities. I do want to thank her for taking the time to share her ideas with all of us Crafters out here. If you have never seen her videos you can find her on Youtube, and I recommend that you take the time to go and visit and watch her amazing imagination at work.

Part 1 of my very first video

Part 2 Do's and Don'ts Plastic Bag Mini Book

Part 2 of my Video

Part 3 Do's and Don'ts Plastic Bag Mini Book

Part 3 of my Video

Part 4 Do's and Don'ts Plastic Bag Mini Book

Part 4 of my Video

Part 5 Do's and Don'ts Plastic Bag Mini Book

Part 5 of my Video,

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ohhh I am in so much Trouble

I am in so much trouble, I have messed up my blog.  Stephanie will be so unhappy with me.  Well if you are seeing this know that she did not do this I must have done something wrong, so she will come in and fix it for me.  Who is Stephanie, well she has adopted me as a best friend and second mom.  I do love children, Pets, and My husband.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO RICK..  the love of my life and also the most aggravating man God ever created. LOL
Who hates to have his picture taken.  Well he is not the only one, you will not see many pictures of me anywhere as guess who is behind the camera.
September 25, 1957 this man was brought into the world, he will hate I posted this, but I do love to aggravate him back.  We are the same age from July 28 to September 25 and now he is again older than I am not the same age as me.

Hard To Believe its been a Year

Wow its been a year since I have posted on this blog.  It has been an exciting year. 

Last year was a very sad year, we lost our wonderful pets and our only daughter moved away, with her new husband.

Life goes on, someone famous said that, I am not sure who, but it is a true statement.

Megan and Zach my wonderful daughter and fantastic son in law, moved to Wisconsin.  Yes I know that is what children do they grow up and move away, its good yet if any parents are reading this they do understand how hard this is to accept.  It is as bad as them Going to School the first time,  I cried the whole day because I knew my baby was growing up.  That wonderful little life that was granted to me, by God.  I also remembered my mom saying I did not loose a daughter, I gained a Son.  That is what I have focused on so much this past year.  Do I miss her anyless No way.  Yet I know she is in great hands with Zach.  I could not ask for a better SIL.  Is he perfect in my eyes he is, but in reality he is just like the rest of us doing the best he can.  I love him all the more for that.

If you look at my past post you will also see we lost our pets of 15 and 16 years.  Anyone that knows us that is just like loosing a part of the family.  We are big silly people.  So God in his infamous wisdom sends us a poor starving Cat.  Yes I said Cat, but she has a skin condition that has amazed the Vet's we have taken her to.  Also if you know us when I say that poor starving cat that weighed about 5lb when she came to us now weighs about 10.5lbs, our animals are so deprived LOL

Our newest family member was named Slick Cat, but she also goes by kitty or stupid independent cat!!! Ricks name for her
her now above is Slick Cat Now, below is Slick Cat when we found her. Could she be more pathetic.  It got worse before it got better, she lost all of her hair on her head  just like on her neck.  Well she is still pathetic, but she is a happy pathetic.  So I have been up to lots of things but to end this post now and I will be posting more soon.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

My life today

My life today, I decided to adopt a new attitude.  I was reading on the internet and found this poem.  It is fits me so well.  Life happens all the time good, bad, negative.  How easy we forget who we want to be.  this poem help me to remember who I really am

by Countess of Monte Cristo

I'm strong, smart and sassy,
I got attitude but i keep it classy.
I am modest and i keep it humble,
But if you hurt me you will stumble.

I'm a hopeless romantic but i keep it real,
Because some people have a heart of steel.
I can daydream all the time,
But i know there's mountains i gotta climb.

I smile when I'm hurt and i laugh out loud,
I love to stand out from the crowd.
I walk with attitude though I'm full of fear,
But strong is what i have to appear.

Because there's a mighty lot of enemies,
Who'd love to see me fall.
But i stood up after i got smacked down,
When they expected me to crawl.

Oh no, I will raise my head up high
Because being strong doesn't mean i shouldn't cry.
I know i deserve the best,
So stupid haters, why don't you give it a rest?

I know I'm strong, smart and sassy,
I got attitude and i keep it classy.
I am modest and i keep it humble,
But if you hurt me you will stumble.

* If you even dream of beating me up, you'd better wake up and apologize. - Muhammad Ali

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September 20, 2010 Ode To Mandy

Today was another sad day in our lives.  11 years ago, I brought a puppy home that actully got lose and took and hour to get her to come into the house.  She was named Mandy, by Megan.  Mandy was born Dec 25, 1997.  The cousin to Beethoven.  She was a very teritorial animal, but also very independent.  She ask for little but gave her all. 

Mandy came to me an Rick on Saturday September 17, 2010 and in a very odd action from her, she wanted to be petted an would not be ignored.  How were we to know at the time She was saying goodbye in her own special way.

Monday night Mandy had a stroke and also had cancer.  The choice was not difficult as she was completely disoreniented.  We took Mandy to the vet and now she rest in the house of the lord.  At peace, now and forever.
I know everyone thinks of our friends and family every day, but the one who accepts us, love's us unconditionally is our pets. Mandy has left our lives but not my heart.

If only I could be more like her, I have always thought.
Mandy's outlook on life.

Get up in the morning,

Go outside and take lesiure walk around see the wonders of her yard

Go inside find food and eat, take her time, if there was a treat she would covet it.

When it snowed this was her favorite play time to go and make Mandy angels in the snow.

Say her name and she was right there for me, whenever I needed to have companionship, fun, or a good cry. She always understood and patiently waited until whatever emotion I was feeling was done, and then would go and find her favorite place on her blanket.

When I would come home she was always excited to see me, no matter how long I had been gone.

Simple things made her happy, it makes me want to keep in mind during this time of caos in our challenged world to remember all the wonderful gifts we have, every day in our life.

Never take for granted the blessing that life gives us and be enthuastic about the simple things that are around us.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Living Memory Beethoven Our Beloved Pet.

I brought this little puppy home 15 years ago.  He was multicolored white, brown and tan.  He was fluffy and cuddly.  We decided to name him Beethoven after the popular movie about a St Benard.  He was not a St Benard, but he grew to about 3" tall and became a very good family pet.  In the past 10 years he had attached himself to my husband. If Rick was outside there was Beethoven.  If Rick was asleep Beethoven was usually found laying on his back right beside him. 

Anyone who came over always attached themsleves to Beethoven, he was just that kind of dog, you always wanted to reach down and pat his head.  If he could have talked, he probably would have said "Give me a break quit petting my head and scratch my neck".  When he wanted his backside scratched, he would come up to your hand if it was down at his level and he would move his behind back and forth to be able to scratch the itch. LOL

He loved the Females.  If there was a female in site they ended up carring his puppies.  No fence or window could keep him back.  I still have to pick up broken glass I find where he went through an upstairs window to get to our other dog Sarah to be able to get to her.  The neighbors will never forgive him for getting to their dog through a chain link fence.  He would make some really beautiful puppies, of course they all did not look like him, but he made his share.

Not only did he like to make the puppies, he loved them in so many other ways.  If one of the Girls Mandy or Sarah were hurt or needed any kind of help Like Sarah and Mandy would fight, well Mandy always got the worst of the bargain, but there was Beethoven there to come to the rescue.

I remember one time coming home, and Beethoven was crying and shaking.  Not knowing what was wrong I asked him to show me.  He looked an me and turned and went down stairs, where he immediately went to Mandy and laid his head down on her and kept crying and shaking.  I proceeded over to Mandy to find that she was in pretty bad shape, her and Sarah had been fighting, and Beethoven could not rouse Mandy.  I finally got things under control and told him to stop worrying I was here and would take over.  He laid his head down and went to sleep. 

Beethoven was not a normal dog, I do believe he thought he was human, and maybe he was part human.  He love to ride in the car.  He was not your normal dog who just laid down in the seat and rode, no he would set up in the seat like a human, and if you drove up beside the car, you would be looking into the eyes of Beethoven.  He would turn and look at you as if to say "What are you doing in that car" LOL.  People who drove up beside us would look and then taken a double take, like that is not a person, that is a dog.  You would see them tap the shoulder of other people in the car so they could see Beethoven and you would see them all laugh.

Beethoven took his last car ride at 12:00pm July 3, 2010.  He had wanted outside and I let him out at 9:30 and about 11:00 I let the other 2 dogs in but not Beethoven, this was not uncommon because by now his hearing had gone and it took him a little bit longer to get up the stairs. 

Rick came home and of course he asked where was Beethoven, I said he was still outside and there he was in the middle of the backyard.  Rick said that is not like him and went down the stairs of the deck, when he reached him, Rick said OMG.  Beethoven had a massive heart attack and had dropped to the ground yet he was still breathing.  Rick picked him up and brought him into the house, but Beethovens eyes showed he was not there.  His breathing was labored and Rick just set there and held him.  We called the vet, as we could not let him suffer.

Rick carried Beethoven out to the car, and got in and I drove..  For one lucid moment Beethoven looked up at me and tried to raise his head, as he knew he was in the car and going bye bye, which he loved so much.  He started seizing shortly after that and then the light had gone from his eyes. 

We proceeded to the Vet and I got out of the car and went over to open the door and picked up Beethoven and took him in and laid him on the table.  Rick could not come in the room.  We had the vet to check him for sure and he was gone.

I believe there is a heaven for animals, and now he is with so many of our other pets we have lost over the years.  It never ceases to amaze me how attached we become to these furry creatures.  They are loyal to a fault.  They are like little children, that never grow up.  As much as I have loved my animals, I have made the decision that once Mandy and Sarah are gone there will not be anymore pets. 

This is a special post for all the dog lovers out there, take lots and lots of pictures of your pets, they truly are a part of your family.

To Beethoven, You were a very good friend and you will always be remembered.  There will not be a day that goes by that we will not think of you, may you be playing in fields running and exploring forever and ever.