Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ode to Sara

Sara and Rick here together being who she is.  We lost our last best friend on December 7, 2012.  Our daughter Megan found this poor little dog 17 years ago.  Rick got out of bed to visit Megan and wake her up when he was actually met by the ferousis dog guarding our daughter in her room.  Shock to say the least, but at that time we knew she was to become part of our family.
Each one of our animals had their own personalities.  Sara would talk to you and come and always show you what she wanted, stand behind the bar down stairs and she would do a little dance to let you know she wanted a treat.  There have been many behind that bar that would love to spoil her with treats, and she was so loveable and insistant taht you could not refuse her.  She had a schedule base on my work hours.  She would be waiting for me to let her outside at night, after I got done for work.  She could not stand to have me and Rick in different rooms.  She wanted us together and would come in the room that both of us were in to try to get one of us to move to the other room.  She lived a long life, and only suffered when she and Mandy would have their altercations due to trying to be the dominate female dog of the house, sad to say she did not win most of the time.  But she was always a loyal friend and each of the dogs would be closest to Rick.
We will miss her, and once again one of the hardest choices to make was to take her to the vet and let them put her to sleep.  At the end she had a seiure and could not make it up the stairs.   The vet was symatheic to her, and advised that her heart was about to give out.  So with this I have requested that we have no more dogs, it will be a challenge as from the very beginning of our lives together, we have always had one in the house.  It has hurt to lose each one, as they become not just a dog, but a close family member.  We are in our late 50's and its time for no more

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