Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hard To Believe its been a Year

Wow its been a year since I have posted on this blog.  It has been an exciting year. 

Last year was a very sad year, we lost our wonderful pets and our only daughter moved away, with her new husband.

Life goes on, someone famous said that, I am not sure who, but it is a true statement.

Megan and Zach my wonderful daughter and fantastic son in law, moved to Wisconsin.  Yes I know that is what children do they grow up and move away, its good yet if any parents are reading this they do understand how hard this is to accept.  It is as bad as them Going to School the first time,  I cried the whole day because I knew my baby was growing up.  That wonderful little life that was granted to me, by God.  I also remembered my mom saying I did not loose a daughter, I gained a Son.  That is what I have focused on so much this past year.  Do I miss her anyless No way.  Yet I know she is in great hands with Zach.  I could not ask for a better SIL.  Is he perfect in my eyes he is, but in reality he is just like the rest of us doing the best he can.  I love him all the more for that.

If you look at my past post you will also see we lost our pets of 15 and 16 years.  Anyone that knows us that is just like loosing a part of the family.  We are big silly people.  So God in his infamous wisdom sends us a poor starving Cat.  Yes I said Cat, but she has a skin condition that has amazed the Vet's we have taken her to.  Also if you know us when I say that poor starving cat that weighed about 5lb when she came to us now weighs about 10.5lbs, our animals are so deprived LOL

Our newest family member was named Slick Cat, but she also goes by kitty or stupid independent cat!!! Ricks name for her
her now above is Slick Cat Now, below is Slick Cat when we found her. Could she be more pathetic.  It got worse before it got better, she lost all of her hair on her head  just like on her neck.  Well she is still pathetic, but she is a happy pathetic.  So I have been up to lots of things but to end this post now and I will be posting more soon.

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