Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ohhh I am in so much Trouble

I am in so much trouble, I have messed up my blog.  Stephanie will be so unhappy with me.  Well if you are seeing this know that she did not do this I must have done something wrong, so she will come in and fix it for me.  Who is Stephanie, well she has adopted me as a best friend and second mom.  I do love children, Pets, and My husband.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO RICK..  the love of my life and also the most aggravating man God ever created. LOL
Who hates to have his picture taken.  Well he is not the only one, you will not see many pictures of me anywhere as guess who is behind the camera.
September 25, 1957 this man was brought into the world, he will hate I posted this, but I do love to aggravate him back.  We are the same age from July 28 to September 25 and now he is again older than I am not the same age as me.

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