Sunday, May 2, 2010

National Scrapbook Day

Okay so my list of things to do went down with the ship.  I will try again, sounds like a true scrapbooker and stamper, we do not give up.  Our city has Tidy Town once a year, and I so look forward to that its a time I can go thru my house and get rid of the broken and old stuff.  No my DH is still in the house. LOL.  Anyway so for the 3 days I was supposed to be doing my list, I did kind of do my list.
Wed, Thur, & Fri I found stuff, I cleared out stuff, I walked, I did stair master, I worked So Self you didn't get to far off track. Saturday I walked, Man I did not do any laundry,  I had fun though look at the picture of the make-in-take I did Yessss.

We have this really neat store its called The Scrapbook Page, I got out for a little while yesterday and this was one of the projects that  Carol G. taught.  Her booth was one of three that I worked at.  I wanted to share this on my blog, if you wish to learn more or see more you can visit  or you can go to and see many more of their designs.  No I don't work there LOL.

I do want to talk about the bird and the cage.  This is a Tim Holtz design, well now when did Mr Tim get into the die cut world??? He went from Ink, to nuts and bolts from the hardware store, to Ink to die cuts, I have to say Tim you are moving right along.  What will we see next from this young man.
Well I hope everyone had a wonderful National Scrapbook Day, ohh what am I saying, everyday is National Scrapbook day its like Christmas all year long.
Okay That is all I have to say about That.

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