Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blog, Blog, Blog LOL. Opening the door to ones life on the internet. Well I am not a famous person, I am just a person, who loves to craft. Guess what neither are those famous people, they are just people like us. Only we make them famous.

So I am going to become a famous person LOL.

New Word for 2010 Stayvacationer's WOW! what a word. When I was growing up not to give my age away but we called that living. People stayed at home and community was what they knew. We cooked, canned, cleaned our homes had home parties and people got together to enjoy life. Family reunions and camping were Vacations.

Okay enough of that from the Scrappin and Stampin Girl too serious.

I have been playing on facebook, with all the other millions of people Wow I have found some pretty cool sites there. Where you must become a Fan of. Does that mean we are back to the Mickey Mouse Fan Club LOL. Here is the site if anyone wants to go and look at it. If you like page kits or are looking for ideas this is the place to go and find them. Again this is on the famous Facebook site.

I am a blog hopper I like to go to different sites to see what other people are doing, and then incorporate their ideas with my own.

Well I am cleaning my scrapbook room for the first time in about six months. It has been so neglected, not because of too much vacation time, because of too much work time. I will be posting more new ideas as I get my room back together. well not completely that would mean I maybe an organized person. As we all know if you are any kind of crafter you are never organized.

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