Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Life and Politics

I am not a politician, but this came to my attention and I felt I should post my opinion on it.
Wishes everyone could sit down with an elderly person that lives on Social Security getting $600 a month - currently responsibe to pay full price $1100 out of pockt for Medication they need to live.

I am not saying heath care reform is perfect & I am not saying it will fix the problems. BUT I'm saying that what we have is broken. We did not get here overnight and it won't be better overnight. But if you can't say thank god their trying obviously this elderly person isn't your family or you would think differently.

America is willand jumps at the cance to DONATE millions to other countries in need BUT WE LET our own Americans suffer!!

As much as I wish to agree with the above statement, I cannot. A little history less. Until the 1900's there was no company funded health care. There was not IRS until the 2nd world war, and it was only established to raise funds from the the wealthy of the the time. It was never supposed to stay in effect, but it did.

After the that War we had the biggest birth rate, the the biggest employment group, and now the biggest retirement group in the history of the USA. The problem now is that those who were Employed and Contributed to the National Economy, are not able to contribute anymore. We have not seen a birth rate of this magnitude since. Yet now that they have retired and rightfully so they Expect to get a return on their investment they made into SS, Medicare, and Medicaid, but there was not enough collected. The average life span of a Man was the age of 68 and Woman was 72. With today's technology we actualy have people living longer than any other time in history. We never imagained or planned for this, so the system does not and cannot work anymore since the variables have changed.

I can comment on this because I am on of the last group of children of the baby boom age. Will there be anything there for me me when I retire, NO. Have I paid into the system YES, more than my parents did.

My grand parents, worked 15 hour days for .25 cents a day with no health care, and when a family member got sick the family took care of that family member. There was a family doctor who did the best they could, but people died. Sad yes but this was the way of life. No specialist, who could keep them living.

The point I am making is Free Capitolism Works. Socialism has never worked. We are moving to a Socialistic Society at the fastest rate every seen in history, WE ARE DOOMED TO FAILURE. We will see it if not in my life time in my childrens life time, another GREAT DEPRESSION get ready, be prepared, It's Gonna Hurt. The days of plenty are over.

The only thing that saved America in the last Depression was everyone working together. That is the only thing that will help in this new one. My biggest fear is that we have become so Spoiled, and believe that someone else must take care of us, that the survial rate will be limited.

Remember that without FAMILY you are nothing. Without FAITH you have no HOPE. Without GOD and his WORD, you cannot have the above. In the End that is all we really have.

We come into this world with the Gift of God and Leave with the Gift of God.

This is just my opinion, you may or may not agree with it, but at least remember that we have one thing that no other nation has.


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